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Brennan's Level 2 Debut

Posted by Louise Wilsden on November 27, 2012 at 7:00 PM

What a good pony! What more can I say really. A year out of the competition scene and only a handful of outings at Training and Level 1 prior to this and he went out yesterday and just ROCKED Level 2!

First test was a bit flat - it was hot and he was a little unenthusiastic BUT he still pulled off a very polite and obedient test which scored him 64.853%. VERY happy with that! I gave him a feed of Fiberedge between tests and I think that may have helped give him a little more sparkle for the second test. Something certainly did because he was seeing ghosts behind the thistles in the neighbouring paddock, lol! He was VERY looky in the all weather arena (the first test was done on grass) but fortunately the horses are allowed a minute to work in inside the arena and Karen took this time riding him into the spooky corners and down the spooky long side so by the time his minute warm up was over, he was ready to rock 'n roll and rock 'n roll he did, right into a score of 66.25% and FIRST place! Woo hoo!!

Brennan really surpassed our expectations this weekend - not that we don't know he is capable but, to be fair to him, he's been off the scene for quite a long time (a year) and has not exactly had a lot of mileage or preparation but the quality of the preparation has been 5 star (thank you Karen!) and yesterday that really showed!

I have uploaded an album of photos - I took so many, it was hard to choose my favourites so I just chose a random selection.

PHOTOS and The Video of 2.3

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