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Bernie's Babe and Brennan's Dressage Resuls

Posted by Louise Wilsden on December 11, 2012 at 4:15 AM

I must say that being so busy is great but the 60 hour weeks are kind of getting in the way of my blogging a bit! Whilst I seem to have a moment to draw breath, I had better update you all on the latest happenings around here ...

Last Friday, in the early hours, Rei-Huia Bernadette (Hifalutin x Shannon/Laughtons Legend) foaled a beautiful leggy chestnut filly with four stockings and a big splat on her head. The foal was a total surprise to me when I went out on Friday morning to muck and feed out as Bernie had given NO indication that she was anywhere near ready to foal and the foal was a couple of weeks earlier than expected. Fortunately mum and baby were both healthy and strong and my foaling season was done! Just like that!

This filly is a very close relation to my gorgeous Ailbhe, being by Brennan and out of a Laughtons Legend Granddaughter. I think this makes them something like 2/3 siblings but don't quote me on that! She's a tall/leggy filly and very much a feminine version of Ailbhe. In other words, stunning! How lucky am I?! She's supposed to be for sale but I am so sorely tempted to keep her. Argh!!

On Sunday Brennan had his first starts in affiliated competition at Level 2. He did not perform as well as we know he is capable of and the heat seemed to take a lot of the wind from his sails. In other words, he was pretty flat! Poor Karen was as red as a beet after the first test, I think she felt like she had flapped her way through it like a kid on a Thelwell pony. I assured her that it did not look nearly as bad as it felt for her and the judges must have agreed as they still gained two perfectly respectable scores and placings [2.2 - 61.613% (4th) & 2.4 - 62.308% (3rd)] - The only pony in the competition, again. We even won money, more than half our entry fees back! Woot! 

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